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Les and Martha Nixon 60th Wedding Anniversary
We think you would have enjoyed Outback Patrol on June the 7th. The same day Aussies received awards from Her Majesty, Les and Martha were hosted by son Daniel to their 60th Anniversary, with a handful of family and friends and directors and teams.

Grand hymns were happily sung with Garry Coleman his usual self, though in agony, ready for a hip replacement July 24th. Random seating made it pleasant.

Bill Hodge was at the Hammond; and really played out with the people robustly singing good old favorites. Almost like in memory of co-worker Jo Ann Rysdyk-Barnett. Les’s accordion sat idly by; just too heavy, but part of the celebration. Pilots and volunteers and benefactors joined in; they’d known each other for years.


(Chief Pilot Steve Ward grinned with pleasure; he keeps pilots and planes going outback, and the patrols going. That means that Les & Martha care for the office and itinerary management, and watch as the outback ministry continues faithfully in younger hands.)

Daniel and Bob Bell played the 20-minute movie David created in 2005 for their 50th. It is a history of their wedding days, then the old Dragon plane in the air; the beginnings of Outback Patrol. Then Martha’s TV work with the Clifford Warne puppets and songs in the 70’s and 80’s. Some new friends said they’d never seen anything like it before, and wanted to see more....

After other songs, they played Daniel’s “You- Tube” creation of 3-years of church missions in the 50’s, with the Sarah Groves song, “The Tent in the Centre of Town”. These are on “You-Tube” with various other Bob Bell videos of teams and patrols coming and going ... they gave quite a time for rejoicing.


Martha was her usual cheery self, even after converting the work-room into a reception. It was just downright plumb friendly, with guests chatting away as Garry and Bill began the first song. But they really didn’t stop anything; it was just family having fellowship.

Les’s niece (Eunice’s-daughter) Annie, covered the place with dozens of her creative award-winning flower arrangements, giving the room a brand new look, and the delightful aromas that comes with it ... and the refreshments were delectable....

Les was adorned with his ever-present Bandana, after severe scalp Melanoma surgery in 2014. He is earning a new identity; all he needs is Long John’s parrot Captain Flint on a shoulder, chirping away, ‘pieces-of-eight, pieces-of-eight’! He has a drawer full of colorful Bandanas, to conceal the scars. It is all healed.

Garry led the people in moments of worship, and a Communion, each sharing the elements, the real reason we are here. Without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ he said, our hope would be in vain. But it was all rejoicing, and Darelle Ward thought it was a piece of grand value that a family celebration could so delicately include moments of divine awe and worship.

Bill Gaither sent them a cool greeting card. Then, David was live from Florida on one IPad via Skype, and Jon and Beth on another, watching and hearing every word and comment, for the two hours.


Then, they chirped-in with their comments and suddenly the Skype’s came alive. Even their new 11-months-old great-grandson Conrad, a few short seconds banging away on his toy xylophone and gurgling in rhythm. It was galvanising. Later during refreshments, each chatted away with others. It was around 4pm in Georges Hall, but at 2am in Florida.

David talked of Christian family Heritage that formed his belief-system, and of diamonds.


Jon quoted years of Caleb and Isaac and Abraham, and reckoned, ‘The best is yet to come’. Beth spoke of the Psalms Decrees fulfilled in the family. Teen grandson Caleb read a Psalm, then happily whispered to his Dad, “I feel like I am in a retirement village ....”

Martha quoted the old poem, “We’re Not Growing Old”, and Les read select verses focussed upon the Lord Jesus Christ, then, Garry prayed, all sang another hymn, and the food and chatter continued long into the evening hours.

All in all, it was a Christ-honoring time, with no clouds, and the comments from around town during the week is something the Nixons will cherish for a very long time ..


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