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How to Spell Gospel

Years ago in Scotland a new game was invented. The rules said, "Gentlemen-Only-Ladies-Forbidden"... and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. Since then millions of athletes hit a small white ball into distant holes; when they included ladies, they became zealots. They are called Sportspeople.

Fixed PAT
Open Bible Two thousand years before in Palestine, a new Age was started. Angels announced that "God-Offered-Sinning-People-Eternal-Life" and thus, the new word GOSPEL. Many who heard this Good-News were called Christians. Their history is in the book called, The Bible.
Christian people have been adding others since. They are called Evangelists. Some of these people expanded their first love and built great institutions to give Fellowship. It's called Sanctuary.
Bill and Bob shaking hands There's a visionary group who gained motivation from the institutions to spread this Gospel to others. They are called Missionaries. Some go to distant places where the people have not heard. This is called The Great Commission.

Others remain at home to pray and save—and send them money. They are called Stewards.

Investments like this sends missionaries Reynolds and Gorton and Jackel and Smart and Nixon to families in remote and isolated

Lady praying
Kids quiz places in the outback, by pilots Thompson, Ward, Smart, Avery and Rodney, and sends a news-paper called Explorers to those who have not heard. They gather new Christian people, and nurture

the lonely ones. This is called Sowing and Reaping.

People who calculate things say that's one missionary to every 28,000 people in Australia. (There's not a suitable name for that.) God's Holy Spirit guides and nurtures and indwells all of these people, and that is called Inspiration.

Pilot Steve
Everyone knows, the outback needs all of these desperately  ... That's called Opportunity.
Enjoy reading about it in Matthew and John, Acts 28:28 and I Corinthians 1:4-9.
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