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How Outback Patrol Began

Sydney's Nixon's Video:

Video: How We Began. To order or purchase click HERE
"This remarkable 90-minute video (DVD format), which was wholly produced in Sydney, contains some of the most delightful contemporary Gospel music from the Sydney Male Choir, Martha Nixon, Rita and George Galeih, Clive Way, the Celebration Singers and Donald Prout. The music glues the historic narrative segments together with the 21st century Sydney. The DVD contains chapters, which allows viewers to select the song or segment they wish to view at the click of the finger. An excellent addition to every school library, and home collection. Available upon request, in Australian PAL or USA NTSC format."

Les & Martha Nixon, who for forty-years have worked in TV, and in Outback Patrol, departed from their missionary labours briefly this year, and announced on Sept. 24th the release of an 88-minute video showing the beginnings of Christian faith in Sydney. Narrator Ron Bevis traces the events involving early explorers who claim they were guided by God in their quest to find the great southern land. Fifty singers present 25 Gospel-songs and music to link the historic stories together. Reviewers commented at it's high technical standard and TV quality, comparable with the best.

  Martha Nixon
Believed It Should Be Made

The Nixons acknowledge the strong support they received from Christians Australia-wide who believed is should be made. They celebrated the release by mailing first copies to over 400 people who were part of the production. They said there will be no public meetings to begin the screenings. It has been placed into circulation for immediate use. They returned to their work in the outback immediately.

Combat Error

Their quest is to place it in schools and libraries to tell the story to students of Sydney's Christian beginnings from 1788, and combat the ever present humanist and secular emphasis in education. The Hon. Fred Nile, MLC claims it's Sydney's untold story, and urged that it be spread far and wide. Christian schools have used it immediately.

Astonish Adventures

Titled, "HOW WE BEGAN", the video takes on an easy to follow approach to early Sydney history with classic and traditional Christian music to support the history. Initial reaction is that the video is pleasing and entertaining, and it's content reveals astonishing events with adventurers Magellan, Hartog, De Quiros, Tasman, Dampier and James Cook who declared in their diaries they were on a Godly mission to bring the Gospel to the South Pacific peoples.

Authoritative Research

Researchers Graham and Pam McLennan of Orange NSW prepared information for the scripts, (McLennan published "The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit" in 1990 now used by others) and film-maker Peter Moss video'd the narration scenes and directed Joy Mayfield and Allan Thrift with the music. It's been in production for two years.

To Order 'How We Began'

The video can be obtained by a $30ea donation to Outback Patrol, 36 Georges Crescent, Georges Hall, NSW 2198 – Ph 02 9727 2759.  Viewers are encouraged to place one in their school library, and one in their church videos as well.

To order from the U.S. or Canada CLICK HERE

Les & Martha Nixon
02 9727 2759


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