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Opportunity Down-Under

Opportunity for dedicated and skilled evangelists, with a talent to share the Christian Gospel through music, street drama, puppets, object lessons, sketching, magic, or any other audience-proven method, for small groups, schools and homesteads in outback Australia . . . It's an adventure with a purpose, similar to the Isaiah.43.19 claim.

It's called Outback Patrol—It's nothing like Crocodile Dundee
it's much better.

Call for new workers

We've sent artists, an astronaut, an Eskimo from Alaska, entertainers, a movie star, A Washington DC politician, a humble family on vacation and scores of others to share their Christian testimony where it is appreciated and needed most.
Pilots in their Cessnas and Pipers take them there, to save time and cover more territory.

click here Patrol C210 and C206 off load Dove Singers for their concerts and schools at Thargomindah, Eromanga and Birdsville on their various trips in the 1970's

So, why not you, too?

As 20% of Australia's population lives in 80% of the nation, called locally "The Outback."

We live in a land the same size as the continental USA; a nation that Europe fits into easily, and with lots of space left over. But, with a tragic scarcity of able evangelists to introduce the people to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Only 2% of our people attend Church Sundays; and in the average outback township—nobody!

So, there's plenty of room for one or two more volunteer workers to help us change all that!!

What the Flying Doctor does for the people's medical needs, Outback Patrol workers do for their human, social and spiritual needs. Food and supplies drops in drought and floods; human support in crisis, and spiritual support all year long.

When you think you can become part of this Acts #29 adventure - as a temporary visitor; a bit of your annual holidays, or as a longer commitment ... zap us your Email address, and we'll hyperzap you back with more information.

Call for new workers

There is a Place for You!

Many inland towns have a very fine population, modern living, latest amenities, good schooling and sports, but very few Christians. There is a place for the family man who senses a Call of God to live in a town like that, set up a home church, regularly lead home studies, Bible classes and school Scripture, with special events, visit, mission, etc., Requirements for this opportunity are very minimal, if you are already serving the Lord in your local church. Find a responsible Christian to nominate you, and register to attend the Workers Seminar over Easter, March 29th and 30th at Outback Patrol HQ. You'll find many of the answers during this important weekend.

"Our Goal: To cover the outback with the Christian church. What place can we each take to achieve this?"

How to Do It? ..................... ACTION!

When you know of a likely candidate to work inland to establish a Christian base in a remote town, discuss it with them, pray it through, and offer to serve as their nominator. "These men ... trusted God and won His approval. Always remember this: It is not for your own sakes—but for mine. You have simply done your duty. I am with you, that is all you need. My power shows up best in weak people. I am glad to be a living demonstration of Christ's power...."

When you are assured of their sincere interest in becoming an inland missionary family, please complete this form and mail it immediately. We will contact them with full information about the weekend Seminar.

"The eyes of the Lord search back and forth across the whole earth, looking for people whose hearts are perfect toward him, so that he can show his great power in helping them." II Chron. 19:9a

Click HERE to contact Outback Patrol's Les Nixon. Please include your information, recommendations, skills, introduction from your pastor, CV, dates and proposal in the feedback box on this page.

Snail Mail is:
Outback Patrol
36 Georges Crescent,
Georges Hall, NSW 2198

Talk international is 61 2 9727 2759
Talk local is 02 9727 2759

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