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Voices and Choices

Eight days of travel, and the hundreth wonder,
We made it in time, all the way from down-under.

Eight hours later the doorbell chimed,
The TV glared and the radio rhymed.
The kettle whistled its loud arlarm,
Kids played rough, but there was no harm.
Mother cooked, and the men talked sports,
The teenagers joked and sang in t-shirts and shorts.

Hugs were given and kisses too,
The house was filled with family and friends,
    and the Lord knows who?
There were spills that were made and deadlines broken,
There were gifts given out 'tween each as a token.

Laughter and smiles, well wishes and all,
A grand time was had by the old and the small.

The Book was opened, and the verses were read,
Each pasage meant more than could ever be said.
Prayers were prayed and names were named,
And none were left out—in lifes' big game.
The past has passed—and the time is now
To pray for the future, and ask God how?
So we all agreed to just trust in Him,
And work for the day of Jesus' soon return.

When the last one left, I gave the door a slight pull,
Though the house was empty, my heart was still full.
Empty of bodies and people and voices,
But full of life's blessings, made up of right choices.

Les and Martha, 2008

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