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Clifford Warne Promoted to Glory

May 14th, at Neutral Bay, friend and fellow-worker Clifford Graham Warne, 72, from heart failure. Martha and Clifford spent an hour on the phone on the 12th, planning. (God had a better plan). A man of great dignity with profound humour. Clifford and Les worked with CSSM and OAC and Graham Wade the 40's where Clifford created his first paper-mache' puppets and sleight of hand magic for children, while Les used the accordion and sketchboard. Founder of Anglican TV where he and Martha and Trevor and Janine and Peter and others worked for 35-years with puppets Toto and Gus. They would video a weeks TV programmes well-prepared but unrehearsed, to gain initial impact-where studio crews nearly closed the show with their laughter.

Best known was OThe Wotsaname Show' and My Song for You. Clifford created, wrote, directed and aired more than 35,000 Christian programs in his 44 years on Australian TV and was heard on CBA-FM 6.30am with his daily devotions. His weekly 'Sing Me A Rainbow' was his latest, on Channel 7 every week for years. Wherever he went, he made people happy. When a lad asked how he passed that sharp long needle right through the inflated balloon, he answered, 'brilliantly'; or at other times, with a glint in his eye he'd joke, 'Go home and mind your own business.' Crew members he led to Christ attended the memorial, thankful.

Clifford taught at the Outback Patrol Institute classes every week from 1979 on. Professor at Sydney's Anglican Moore College since 1975. He utilised the media like no other, longest performer on Sydneys #7, but shied away from any feature about himself. Co-wrote with Dr. Paul White, The Jungle Doctor, and authored many books, mainly on communication, with Bible edits for the Bible Society. His "How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope" is a preachers classic, and "How to Read the Bible Aloud" required reading for students.

Confidante of Archbishops, media stars and labourers. Respected in every Christian denomination to present the Gospel as Jesus did. Consultant with the Bible Societies, CMS, BCA and others worldwide. Publisher, broadcaster, film producer, theologian, counsellor, Celebrity-Circuit speaker, encourager.

At St. Thomas' North Sydney Memorial, remembered by the four generations he influenced, the aged and the children. Leaves three sons and four grandchildren, and a great heritage to share the Gospel with all your might. Martha and Daniel represented Outback Patrol at Church. Cassette available from St. Thomas. Greatly loved and missed. 'He walked with God and was not, for God took him.'

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